I know today is Tuesday, but I’m going to write about what I did yesterday.  Therefore, the title makes sense – in my mind anyway which is a whole ‘nother story altogether. What I mean is…I often find that things make perfect sense to me, but the people I’m talking to (my family) are staring at me like I’ve suddenly learned to speak a dead language from Biblical times.

So, in preparation for the “new season” I so loftily discussed yesterday I’m going to show you what I’ve gotten done so far.

from this...
from this…
to this....
to this….
and this!
and this!







I got all the laundry caught up and got rid of what didn’t fit or was too worn out.  The cabinet above the washer and dryer is decluttered.

And…the studio stuff has been gathered, sorted through, decluttered and put in place.

Studio redesign
Studio redesign
Everything in one place!
Everything in one place!









And finally…decluttered stuff heading to the thrift store.

I small, lonely box soon to be joined by more...
I small, lonely box soon to be joined by more…









As for tomorrow – we shall see.  Although I have this great and amazing plan, the world did not get the memo.  Life happened, as it tends to do, and I got a lot done for and with other folks.  Nothing done on the house.  But, the night is young…

And tomorrow is only Tuesday!



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