No sad stuff here!

I’m declaring today a “no sad stuff here” day in my little corner of the world.    Sometimes the world is just too damn sad.  

So, here’s a list of only the good stuff that happened for me, to me, and around me today.  I’m going to try for 10.

  1. Trip to my favorite thrift store resulting in cool dishes for our eclectic collection – some might call it mismatched rejects, but they would be (15)
  2. I didn’t run out of gas while taking my son to work today.  (I did yesterday) 
  3. I had all the ingredients I needed (with a little imagination) to make a reasonably healthy meal that my family would actually 3 (1)
  4. I am making progress on my newest art 2 (2)
  5. This giant stuffed dog that my sister gave my batman loving daughter (the good news is not the stuffed animal, but that it will soon be going to college with her).photo 4 (1)
  6. This giant watermelon that my friend grew and shared with 2 (3)
  7. My 17 year old Daisy May is still breathing.  Sometimes we have to wake her up just to be sure. photo 1 (5)
  8. My patient photographer/ 1 (3)
  9. And last, but not least…I’m not depressed today.  Life is good.

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