Art journal.

I mentioned last week sometime that I had joined an art journaling group, “Get Messy”.  I haven’t journaled regularly for quite some time.  I miss it.  I also believe that journaling is important for many, many reasons.  I just don’t do it because there isn’t enough time.  What does that even mean?  There isn’t enough time.  Definitely a post for another day.

Joining a group makes me accountable to others.  If I don’t post two pages on Thursday, lots of folks will notice.  A public failure, if you will.

Did you notice that I’m posting this on Friday?  Yep, I missed my first Thursday.  FAIL.  Public fail.  I’m new to the group, please like me – fail.

But wait!  On this new journey, I’m trying to be nicer to myself.  So, here’s the best I’ve got.  I was sick yesterday and could care less about art, much less journal pages.  I was focusing on the most basic of human needs…trying not to throw up water.  So, no apologies.  Here they are.

photo (18)securedownload


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