• Time Two – because I’m going to talk about time for a second day.  Yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Past, present and future.  However you want to look at it, time doesn’t stop.  It may feel that it does occasionally – as in “time seemed to stop when she heard the dreaded words he spoke.”  And if it does indeed stop for a brief moment, it certainly seems to right itself as it speeds on.  This can be evidenced by the racing heart beat in reaction to whatever awful just happened. 
  • Time To – because sometimes I need a pause button so I have time to stop and plan and cope with life.  I can’t just keep racing towards the metaphorical cliff.  There are always solutions to any problem…if I just had time to figure it out.
  • Time Too –  because I know that the other people in my life are dealing with some of the same problems that I am, plus there own.  They need time also.  Time to spend together and support each other.  We all get busy looking at our own clocks and forget that anything is easier if you aren’t doing it alone.


Cryptic and vague post?  Much like time itself…cryptic and vague.  We can measure it in increments too small to even comprehend.  We chart it, log it, schedule it and live in it.  But we don’t and can’t truly understand it.  It stares at us from every electronic device we own.  We have clocks on our televisions, stoves and microwaves.  Clocks still sit on most of our bedside tables.  We set alarms to tell us when to get up in the morning and timers to alert us to things. Notice the words “alarm” and “alert”.  Neither are peaceful or positive.

Forget the easy button.  I want a pause button. 

I want to stop and enjoy the magical moments. To savor and treasure them.

I need to stop and “be in” the difficult moments.  To understand them and handle them in the best way possible.

I need time to breathe.

Yesterday, I struggled with time. 

Today, I’m covering all my clocks and I’m going to live in the moment as best I can.

Tomorrow is another day altogether.

photo (19) 


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