Imperfectly Focusing.

I know that’s a contradiction of sorts in the title.

I am by nature a bit contradictory.  One day I want to be a minimalist and get rid of everything (almost, I’m partial to my underwear and toothbrush) and the next I want to live in a cluttered home surrounded by the bits that reflect our crazy, busy life.  (I just don’t want to clean it).  Sometimes I want to  consume only whole food that is made from scratch.  Other days I’m pretty happy if I open a can of green beans to go with the boxed mac n’ cheese before 9 at night.    And then there’s the mood swings.  You get the picture.

Part of my intentional life journey has been about finding a balance – in all things.  Reconciling the different parts of my personality, my nature, and my reality.

Today, I greeted the librarian with good morning and  she responded with “It’s 2 in the afternoon”.    I laughed and told her that I was still getting my morning stuff done and afternoon would just have to wait on me.  And I was okay with that.  In fact, I was pretty darned excited about it.

I’ve noticed since I started this blog journey and have begun to record that journey here, that my focus has shifted.  I am no longer focused exclusively  on the negative…on what I haven’t accomplished.  Instead, I am beginning to be more aware of what I’ve done.  When I look at my long list of to-do’s, I don’t see the ones that aren’t crossed off, but the ones that are.

For example, today I did my Get Messy Art Journal prompt for tomorrow and it’s ready to post.  I didn’t do my regular journal pages or the dishes, but that’s alright.  We haven’t technically started school yet, but we spent an hour on Ancient Chinese history and it was fun.  Not something to get through before I moved on down the list.  A load of laundry is done, books are picked up at the library, and my Artist Trading Cards are in the mail.  What isn’t done – well…

I know there are still things on the list, but none of them involve the total breakdown of civilization as I know it if they stay on the list for a bit longer.

Life is imperfect, but pretty damn good if you focus on the good stuff!


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