10 Things I Learned This Week (so far).

  1. Although a friend of mine claims sparkly glitter makes everything better, that is not the case when you spill a whole bottle on your studio desk.  Oh, did I mention that the canvas on the desk did not include glitter in the design plan?
  2. No matter how many times you curse at, and press the button on the remote control, it won’t work if it’s the wrong remote.
  3. Even if you dearly love your old dog, her dementia can make it difficult to live with her sometimes.
  4. The dishes are NEVER done.
  5. Other people don’t necessarily give a care about your schedule or plans.
  6. The laundry is NEVER done.
  7. Sometimes people you love try to make you feel better and it just pisses you off more and then you end up trying to make them feel better and your mood just gets worse.
  8. When you run the air conditioner because you’re 50-something and sweating like crazy, it makes your electric bill so high that you sweat like crazy.
  9. Even when you proof what you are writing a zillion times because your high school English teacher was a proofreader for the N.Y. Times before she came to torture you in Senior English (deep breathe/run-on sentence), you will still make mistakes and obsessively edit your blog until you vow never to write again.
  10. There is no such thing as a bad day…life is still better now than it has ever been before…and it will be better after a good night’s sleep (a bit of wisdom courtesy of my Mom).

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