Weekend Reading.

What I’m reading this weekend:










Two new friends, both artists, gave me this book at an Artists’ Retreat last October.  I had just met them at the retreat, but as often happens in magical settings like that, we immediately jumped into some pretty heavy conversation about being artists and creating…what else?  They are brothers, one a visual artist and the other an actor in New York.

I’ve picked up the book many times since then.  I’ve read the first chapter and skipped around reading bits here and bits there.  It’s moved from my bedside table to my studio and back again- and again.  I don’t know exactly why I resisted reading it.  I believe it was probably fear.  Funny enough, since fear is actually in the title.  I’m coming to believe that the reading of the book scared me because it might mean that I would change…in what way, I don’t know.  That I might become more serious about my art and take it to a different level or try and fail.

I don’t like being afraid.  I don’t like failing.

But, this is my year of no fear.  And I have already changed.  I’ve stepped out and started writing this blog and my world is still spinning.  I’ve joined an art journaling group.  I’ve failed and I’ve learned.  Fear doesn’t seem to do as well in the face of confrontation.  Fear likes us to stay the same, resist change, and live with our fear.  Not any more.

I think I’m ready to sit down and read this book.  All of it.  Highlight in it, make notes in it and really read it. And change…for the better.

Thank you Christopher and Daniel.



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