quick journal page 8/31/2014
quick journal page 8/31/2014

Disclaimer:  I don’t personally know any birds and I am not a bird expert.  The following is all my perceptions and opinions about birds.

I like birds and here’s why.  Birds just wanna be birds.  They don’t appear to be concerned about being the best bird they can be or about what other birds think about them.  They don’t overthink things.  They work to get out of the shell and eat and learn to fly.  They build a nest, find a mate, and start a family.  They don’t try to figure out who they are or what other’s want them to be.     They don’t struggle with their personal appearance or their age or whether they are expressing themselves the right way.   They are just….birds.  It’s a simple life.

In a humble attempt to pay homage to the bird and perhaps to live a little by their example, I have decided to do a journal page a day during the month of September.  They’ll have to be quick because we are starting up school and I’ve committed to doing a workshop soon.  So…I won’t be able to overthink or perfect or obsess about whether it’s good or not.  I’ll just create and let it flow and see what happens.  I’m going to post it no matter how bad I think it is or whether I feel that it is “finished”.

Time to fly!


One thought on “Birds.

  1. I’m sitting here in my living room drawing out my homework. Our assignment is to illustrate our faces for a logo, and because I seem to add birds to everything I added one perched on my head – not sure why though. Then I happened to see your post about birds and its helped me figure out why.


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