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It’s all about home today.  Hanging with the hubby before he goes to work.  Tidying up a fairly together house after lots of company this weekend.  Finishing the classroom to start our education area for tomorrow’s start.  

And, since it’s Labor Day here in the States, I think a nap is in order after I finish reading Art and Fear.  

What an awesome book!  My artist’s soul is positively full of positive thoughts and stories and ideas. It’s  good to find out that you’re not alone in facing fear while trying to create…that others have successfully dealt with the fear. It’s just good not to feel alone. 

Overall, community is something that has been lacking in my life.  I don’t want to diminish the artist friends I do have. They are awesomely creative people, but I have always been a bit reticent in interacting with them. It is actually something that I was afraid of…what if I didn’t fit in and found out I wasn’t actually an artist at all.  Could I deal with the comparing my work to others and possibly finding myself lacking?  Change is always difficult for me.  What if the new world I created didn’t feel like “home”?

 But perhaps the more important question:  could I grow as an artist (and a person) without developing that community?

There are so many types of homes that we inhabit.  

  • Our personal home…our body,..our self.  
  • The place we reside in with our family.  
  • The neighborhood we live in…our neighbors…our grocery store…the places we visit regularly.
  • A regular group of good friends
  • A regular event that we participate in, be it a church, a job, or even a yearly retreat in a specific location.

I believe that we create the “homes” we live in – the places of comfort and familiarity.  The safe places, so to speak. These are the places we long to be in.



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