Put your shoes on.

plate broom

You might want to make sure you’ve got your shoes on if you’re anywhere near me today. I’m standing in a pile of glass shards.  I’ve been spinning a lot of plates for the last 6 months or so, and today one started to go all wobbly.  I felt it losing momentum and concentrated all my attention on it.  In doing so, I lost focus on the big picture and, as you can probably guess, I lost total control.   One by one, they slipped and fell, crashing to the floor into a glorious mess.

I just stood in the midst of it all and cried.  It had all been going pretty well. Life was good.  We were getting by.  But, it’s hard to see hope in the face of brokenness or have faith that it can all be put back together.  None of the plates were that valuable in the big scheme of things;  they weren’t our health, our home, a job or the like.  Individually, they aren’t that big a deal.  But all together, it just seemed overwhelming.  Sometimes I just get tired, you know?

I know I can get things back on track.  It was just a bad day.  A really bad day.

Bad days happen to all of us.  By comparison, mine wasn’t all that bad.  Lots of folks are living in far worse circumstances than I am.  I’m healthy,  got food in the fridge, a roof over my head, and a family that love me.  Writing this, I don’t even know why I was so upset in the first place.  As I’m thinking about it, I feel rather selfish.  What do I have to complain about?

That’s the thing about feelings.  They need to be felt.  Sometimes you just gotta cry. Sometimes you’re sad and sometimes you’re mad.  Feelings aren’t rational.  When you’re standing in the middle of a mess, it’s hard to think things through.

Now, I’m ready to get the broom and sweep things up.  Tomorrow I’ll start spinning the plates again.  I’ll throw one up in the air at a time and get them all going in the same direction.  No doubt, some will fall again.  And I’ll probably cry…or maybe I could just switch to paper plates.


5 thoughts on “Put your shoes on.

  1. Random side-note from someone who let all the plates crash, then pretty much refused to pick them up again unless they spin with their own internal energy. What can I say? I prefer not to spin them myself because it’s too exhausting.

    It’s more fun to spin UFO’s, in my very humble opinion.
    1. Nobody else believes in them, so they aren’t always telling me to do better.
    2. If I drop them they fly away and get on with their own business.
    3. It’s entertaining to imagine what might be inside, because you never know….

    Love you!


    1. That is certainly a different spin on things. I like it. I’m going to have to ponder upon it. I think I might stop spinning and start juggling…maybe I shall juggle birds.


    1. I’m so sorry…I didn’t account for language differences when I wrote this post. So, good question! I don’t actually spin plates. The plates I was speaking of represent the different responsibilities I have in my life: Mom, wife, housekeeping, household money management, homeschooling, and so on. It’s sometimes difficult to balance all of that and yesterday, I lost the balance and it all fell apart. The house is a mess, all of school didn’t get down, I overdrew our bank account and didn’t have the time needed to help a friend out with a problem. Hope that explains it. Thanks for asking…I hope this blog becomes one of good communication, support and friendship, both for me and those who enjoy following my posts. Peace.

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