I’m back…sort of.

Hello all.  I am home from the hospital with lots of funny tales to tell.  But that may take a while because there is an equal number of not-so-funny stories also, and I’m just not ready to deal with it all yet.  I did want to get on for a minute and thank everyone for prayers, messages and happy thoughts.   Many, many times during the last week, something scary or painful would be happening and I would think of it in terms of how I would blog about it (or not) and it helped me out tremendously…just to think things through and not react at the first emotion or thought that popped in my head.

Not to be dramatic, but I’m told that I was an emergency surgery case and would have likely died if I had not gone to the emergency room.  I have lots to process and evaluate in terms of my life journey…the changes I’ve made and those that need to be made.  It kind of makes you stop and think, you know.

Now it’s time for my early, mid-afternoon nap.  You have to carefully schedule and plan to fit them all in you know!  I’ve written one post, responded to one email and sat up for 15 minutes while using my brain.  I think I’ve earned a nap….or two.

Bye for now.


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