If you can’t do it right (perfectly), then don’t do it at all?

One of the many side effects of being a perfectionist is that sometimes you find yourself avoiding doing things because you can’t do them perfectly.

Hence, the long absence from writing.  I’ve really missed telling stories and sharing here…and often found myself thinking _ “I should write about that!”  But, I kept waiting for the time to “catch-up” on everything that’s been happening in my life.  The more time passed, the more that was happening, and the harder it was to write it all.

Truth is, the world will probably keep on spinning without knowing the details of the past months.  It would, indeed, be a long and possibly boring post!

Suffice it to say that time has passed and stuff has happened.  Some of it was significant, some not so much.  I’m just going to post this imperfect jumble of words to get back in the swing of things and trust that the important stuff will eventually find it’s way out into the world in future posts.

Life is, as always, good.  Challenging and difficult, joyful and sad, mundane and significant.  Life is….life.

There, I’ve jumped back in!  That first step is always the hardest, isn’t it?


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