Cornelia and St. Francis

Not to beat a story to death, but….

This is a sequel to Saturday’s post.  I have started keeping the sliding door closed and paying close attention to the dogs, particularly Daisy, so they can be let out when necessary.  I forgot once to close the door when I was going back and forth working outside in the yard.

That required removing another nest from the cabinet top.  Like I said, Cornelia the bird, is pretty strong-willed.

My husband left the door open when he left out early this morning.  I removed another nest building effort when I got up a couple of hours later.

I just let the dogs out and left the door open for a moment when I went to check the laundry.  My daughter, Faith, came to tell me that Cornelia was perched on top of a St. Francis statue on our living room bookcase.

It might be my imagination,  but St. Francis appears to be looking at me with great disappointment.

Cornelia has been working really hard on her nest only to have me destroy it again and again.

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad living with a family of birds.


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