Nature Girl, I’m Not.

Ah, springtime in Central Texas.  It’s surprising that at my age I am still learning who I am as a human being.  This spring I have definitively learned that I am not “Nature Girl”.

I like the outdoors as much as the next person, I suppose.  I don’t like weather extremes…meaning that I don’t like shivering and sweating.  I enjoy a beautiful yard and garden more than I enjoy the work that goes into making it happen, but I’m willing to labor (within reason).

However, there are some aspects of nature that I can do without.

I was okay when the bat fell onto my shoulder from the ceiling of my local “big box” retailer.  It had found refuge during our last cold spell and found the high ceilings to its liking.

I’m learning to live with Cornelia the bird.

Yesterday’s brown recluse has been safely dispatched to wherever “smashed and pulverized beyond all recognition” dead spiders go.

Today’s creature has driven me back inside to safely watch the less scary “Supernatural” series on Netflix.  I would rather battle a demon than the snake my son found slinking and slithering through our yard.  We do live in the country, but enough is enough.  The only good snake in my world is a dead snake.  I know, I know.  Snakes are an important part of the world’s eco-system.  They are essential to the balance of nature.  I don’t care.  They need to live somewhere else.  This yard ain’t big enough for the both of us.

Farewell, Mr. Rattler
Farewell, Mr. Rattler

Luckily my next door neighbor is an excellent shot.  She shot that sucker dead.  Three times just to be sure.  She may be the only person who hates snakes more than me.  She is a very good neighbor indeed.


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