Finish or die trying.

I believe that today will be project assessment day.  The studio is in the other half of the room we have been pulling carpet up in.  I did a massive overhaul and organization of it about a year ago.

That was before I totally realized that “I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF STUFF”.  Sorry, didn’t mean to yell.

There is a lot of stuff in there and most of it is necessary.  Really.  A mixed media artist can’t do mixed media without stuff.

The problem is…the projects.  Projects are like stuff for me.  If I like it, I want it.  I want to possess it and enjoy it, or in the case of projects, I want to create it.

There’s the problem.  I do have other responsibilities:  homeschooling my kids, cleaning house (or at least keeping it to a standard that will not involve the health department), chauffer, chef, Mom, wife, friend, sister.  You know…life.

There are a lot of projects in that studio.  Today, I’m going to sort them out.  Do I still want to work on it?  Will the end result be a “thing” that I have to decide whether to declutter or not?  Does it matter?  Do I have what I need to complete it if it makes the cut?

And then – I’m going to get them done or get rid of them.  To be clear, I’m not going to try to finish them all today.  Just prioritize and organize.

Unfinished projects are like little voices in my head whispering, “You’re behind, you can’t keep up, what’s wrong with you?” – I have had enough of those voices in my head.

And (sigh) I’m going to deal with those art journals today.  No more piles of postponed decisions in my life.

To work!


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