So far, so great!

I’m making progress, slowly but surely.  Not done yet, but am committed to doing a bit each day.  As I “fix” a section of the studio space I am pulling up the old carpet and prepping it for the new flooring.  Baby steps!

This stuff has made the cut:


This is going out the door:


These containers have been emptied:


And this long-neglected and never finished canvas is on the easel.  It’s much harder to ignore that way.


As for the art journals, they are staying.  It turns out that there is some pretty cool and still relevant stuff in them.  Quotes, project ideas, images and the like that jump-started some creativity last night.  I’m culling out the empty and/or junk pages and storing the journals away neatly in a plastic box that’s easily accessible when I need some inspiration.


Until next time…

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Visual artist playing with collage, assemblage and whatever else I imagine. Homemaker and homeschooling Mom of four children aged 10 to 24. Ready to fully embrace life and leave regret and fear behind. Each new day is an opportunity to love, create and live with intention...

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