Monday on Tuesday

Today is Tuesday.  I haven’t really “accomplished” much (but I take hope in that the day is still relatively young).

Yesterday; however, was a good day.  A good day in many respects:  I was breathing, my family was all still breathing, the weather was beautiful, I still have my home and a running vehicle, there is food in the pantry and lights when I turn on the switch – I could go on and on and on about why yesterday was a good day.

But specifically – this is gone!  One more small step towards an intentional and simple life.


And this –  I don’t know where it’s going.  I am deliberately and consciously trying to work in a style and with a method that is different.  When I would usually do “this”, I’m doing “that”.  I’m trying not to work on this canvas out of habit, but in a spirit of play.


As Tolkien says, “Not all those who wander are lost.”  I would like to add, “Not all who are lost, wander”. I’m not sure if I’m lost today or not, or if this neglected canvas is lost and needs to be found.

I’m going to wander around with this piece for a while and see what happens!


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