To Save the Day

What to do when you have a crappy evening the night before.  When all your positive thoughts and efforts to be an upbeat person fail you.  When you start feeling like the maid in your own home and not a very good one at that.  When you throw (literally) a canvas back into the corner because you’ve been standing in front of it with a brush and can’t figure out what to do next.

And you wake up and nothing’s better.  Worse, in fact, because you have to go do something away from home (like a job) and you don’t want to go because there is so much shit that needs to be done at home.  And the person you are going with is in a worse mood than you are.

But, you remember what a good week it’s been overall.  And you don’t want to give that up.  That faint, elusive glimmer of hope remains.

So you sit down and write (not worrying about grammar because you are just letting the thoughts flow and you have an understanding audience).

And decide that all it takes to save the day is the mindset to do so.  It’s up to you.  There is power within.  Crappy stuff happens, but it need not define who you are or the decisions you make.

You climb over the 4 foot pile of laundry and put one load in the washer.

You put the canvas back on the easel and stare at it a moment.  Maybe just another layer of color.

You hug your kid and tell her you love her.  And apologize for ugly things you’ve said.

Your grumpy ride is here.  Her mood is not your responsibility.  Your mood is.

A decision made to save the day.  One moment need not define the next.  Change is good.


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