The List

Just a quick follow-up ’cause I gotta go work my “part-time out of the house for a little bit o’ cash”  job.

Yesterday’s list was a success.  I got almost everything done with a little bit of help from the family.  The things that I didn’t get done are just going to roll over to today and I’ll fill back in the list up to 20.IMAG0608

I’m actually happiest about the things on the list I didn’t do.


My husband has been working crazy, long hours.  I’ve barely seen him all week.  Last night, he got home around eight.

I had actually cooked a real meal (with veggies and everything).

I chose to sit down and eat a meal with him…and then didn’t get back up.  We spent the time together.

Stuff on the list may not have gotten done, but something more important was accomplished.

My goal is not simply about living in a more organized, tidy home.  The home is important, of course.

My hope is for a simpler, less complicated environment that lets what is really important be the focus…my family, our life,

my life…


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