minutiae part 2 – socks

IMAG0790Honestly, there isn’t a whole lot I can add the already extensive writings about “the missing sock” saga.

All I can share is my personal experience.

Above, you see pictured my sock pile.  It lives in my laundry room in a really cool red basket that sits neatly on my one small shelf.

Every time I do a load of laundry I am convinced that the missing socks that I seek will magically appear and that this pile will shrink.


There is a baby sock in here from I don’t know where.  My youngest is eleven and I know I’ve given up on socks from that long ago.  At least, I hope it isn’t hers.

There is a baseball sock in there from two seasons ago.  I know, because the team changed colors.

There are socks in there with holes in them.  Why?

There are socks I don’t even remember buying they are so old.

They are gone today.

Unless I decide that it will wait until I catch up on the laundry.  There’s only a million loads.  It could happen today.  Right?

Nope….I’m going to take a deep breath and pitch ’em.



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