I’m feeling a bit of balance returning to my life today.  The world has receded a bit and my focus is fully on my little life.  For many reasons.

Calamities abound today – doesn’t that often seem to be the case on Monday?

My daughter who sunburns under the light of a refrigerator bulb actually used sunscreen yesterday and managed to get it in her eye.  Said eye is now red and swollen.  I won’t share photos or her name because the photo is kinda gross and I wouldn’t want to embarrass her any more than I already am.

The dryer is once again making that thumpa, thumpa noise.

And the washer is joining in with a horrible, metallic, continuous grinding noise.  I’ve been informed by my appliance repair person (oldest daughter) that the springs that balance the drum are shot and need to be replaced.  Not happening this pay period or the next…

(You might be thinking…just don’t use them if they are that obnoxious.  That is a valid consideration EXCEPT that almost everyone is out of clean underwear and I do have certain standards that I try to adhere to.)

I’m not even going to mention the sound the refrigerator is making because I’m pretending that I can’t hear it.

All in all, my home sounds like the cacophony when an orchestra is tuning up.  Even my basset hound is having trouble sleeping through it and bassets can sleep through anything except the sound of food being prepared or served.

There is actually more going on, but I’ve probably shared enough as it is.

Someone posted on this on facebook the other day:  “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

So true.

By comparison to some my problems today are small.  Not a big deal at all.  I can hand-wash underwear.  We’ve got health insurance now so my daughter can go to a doctor if need be.

There’s always going to be problems of some kind or another.

And there’s always going to be something to be grateful for…to celebrate.  You’ve just got to keep you eyes open (or one eye as the case may be) and appreciate the good stuff.



7 thoughts on “Equilibrium

  1. Check the holes in your washer. I heard a similar horrendous metallic noise an found a curved metal “whalebone” from the bottom of a bra jammed in


    1. WP killed half of my comment !!!!!

      …….a hole in the drum.
      The fridge may need pulling out and the pipes etc. down the back cleaned.
      The tumble drier may be overloaded.
      Some ideas to consider. 😀


      1. You were spot-on about the fridge. Thank you! I checked on the holes in the washer and no luck there. I have four kids in the country and lots of family and friend visitors…so loads and loads of laundry. I suspect that they may just be worn out. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, my oldest daughter has turned into a reasonably good appliance repair person so we’ll just have to wait for the funds to take it apart and get the parts we need. Until then, we’ll make do. Thanks so much for the visit, especially since it resulted in me finding your little spot in the world – your blog. Your home looks amazing! A little bit of paradise.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yay ! One out of 3 can’t be that bad from Spain, eh ? I expect they are all worn out with all those washes. Maybe you need to get an industrial washer or send everyone down to the river to scrub their clothes on the rocks. Now that’s cheap !
        Thank you about my home. Have a lovely week Kelly 😀 ❤


  2. I told you that you won’t embarrass me! I’ve accepted the fact that it’s an endless war and that the sun and sunscreen will never be my friends – yesterday they just happened to win the battle and today I look a little more red and swollen then normal :] (love you mom!)


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