The Spider Web

Today I’ve decided to focus my energy on the inside of my house.  Yesterday, I toiled outdoors cleaning up around the yard and managed to fill both my trashcan and my neighbors’ with junk.  None of it was recyclable…just junk.  Where did it all come from?

Mostly as a result of just not keeping up with things for awhile.  When we owned our own business my husband worked really long hours.  And I never realized how bad I had felt with all the extra weight and health issues – those I knew I had and others I wasn’t aware of.

Now that I’m feeling so much better I’ve got my list and I’m cleaning, clearing and tossing inside and out!  Life, for me, is so much happier when I’m moving along instead of sitting in one place – metaphorically and in reality!

Anyway, I’ve moved inside for today.  It’s really hot outside and I sweated my fair share yesterday.  It’s not really that hot outside since we’re normally in the 100 degree range at this point in the year, but it’s hot enough.

I was reading about a couple who had been working towards a simpler lifestyle for quite awhile.  When their only child went off to college they decided to take the next step and get rid of it all – and I mean all!  They each have two suitcases of belongings and they travel.

When I showed the article to my husband, the expression on his face was priceless.  I could almost see the questions racing through his brain.

Be not afraid, my dear.  I’m not getting rid of everything (yet).  I know we can’t afford to retire (yet).  I know we don’t have an empty nest (yet).

I boxed up a collection of books in the classroom that we aren’t currently reading.  I had some empty cabinets (YEA!) and they are dusted, packed and neatly stored away.  The two shelves the books were on hung above the windows. I’ve taken them down and now they won’t be sitting there and tempting me to re-clutter.  I cleared away about a million spider webs along with the nasty little spiders that resided in them.  The room looks so much more spacious and the windows invite you to look outside into a tree-filled yard that is home to all sorts of wildlife:  deer, squirrels, birds…

From the vantage point of the stepladder, I looked over and saw this:IMG_0337Another spider web!

Two thoughts popped into my head.

First, I need to clear off that fireplace mantle and I really need to dust more often!

Second, why is there a spiderweb on my easel?  Has it been that long since I used it?

Okay, that’s three thoughts.

But what’s important is the answer that I came up with.

I can dust later (and I will because I wrote it on my list).

Right now, I need to use that easel.


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