What People Need

It’s Friday evening and another week is ending.  My husband and son are off to work.  Both are temporarily on the night shift prepping for inventory.  Oldest daughter is still at camp.

Second daughter who is home during summer break is not actually home but at a friend’s house.  Her summer session online class started already:  She is taking Introduction to Philosophy.  I watched part of her first online lecture with her last night.  I think I’ve lost a lot of brain cells since college.  I took  Philosophy a few or more years ago and made an “A”.  Last night  I felt like I was watching the professor’s lips move, but didn’t understand a single thing he said.  Either he is the worst lecturer ever or I need to start exercising my brain.  It’s probably me.  Those were some really big words he was using!

It’s just me and the youngest at home tonight.  She is tired from a week of getting up early (for us) to go to Vacation Bible School.  She was invited by a friend from the homeschool group.  She had a really good time and made me quite proud with some of the things she shared when she came home each day.

I guess I’ll share here that we aren’t active in a church congregation and haven’t been for many years now.  There was a time when I was the one running the show…Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, etc…  I’m still a believer in Jesus, but have lost interest in the organized church.  I don’t begrudge anyone who attends and do believe that there are some great churches doing great work out there in the world.  I’ve just moved on, in a sense, to a different place and it isn’t a good fit for me anymore.

I have a lot of friends who live in a lot of different belief systems – some are followers of Christ to varying degrees and quite a few who aren’t.  I’m good with that…more than good.  I love being surrounded by people who think differently than I do.  I love the discussion of and exposure to differing ideas and ideals.  I can’t imagine only hanging out with folks who believe or live just like me.

I personally choose to believe in a God because it gives me comfort knowing that life isn’t a series of random events happening for no particular reason in no particular order.  I need to believe in something.

Mostly, I just desire to be a good person.  A person who does good things and will leave the world in a slightly better condition when I move on.  The concept of Jesus works for me in that respect.  Kind of like a great role model.  The Bible is also a pretty fascinating piece of literature with some good stories and guidelines in it.  Do I believe it is meant to be taken literally in all aspects.  Ummmm, NO.  The world changes and the people in it change and we have a brain that we should be thinking with.

You won’t find me preaching here although I’m sure my beliefs will slip in every now and then.  This blog is about my life so it would be hard to leave out much.  What I’m trying to say is that’s just not what I’m here to write about.  It’s not so much that I don’t want to offend anyone or am trying to attract a certain type of reader.  My faith is just an intrinsic part of who I am and I don’t feel the need to share at every opportunity.  Once again, I’m not judging or rejecting different viewpoints…I personally follow blogs that are very “Christian” and some that aren’t at all.

As people we are all so different…we come from different backgrounds, experiences and cultures.   As a result, we have different needs.  We will just naturally believe in different things.  We are all seeking something – some truth.  Many times we are talking about the same thing, but using different words to describe or express it.

What a beautiful world we could live in if we were all more tolerant of our differences and embraced our similarities!

I’m aware that there are those that would classify me as a lousy sort of Christian and some who would believe I was way too Christian just for writing what I’ve written.  I’m a people pleaser so it saddens me to think that anyone wouldn’t like me for any reason, but since starting this blog, I’ve become braver.  I’m just doing the best I can in putting together a belief system that helps me to lead a  life that is good for me and beneficial for the world I live in.

Back to what led me onto this “rabbit trail” in the first place…my youngest came home from VBS the first day and told me that she needed to bring an offering the next day.  Ooops – been out of church for awhile and forgot about that.

She volunteered that they were collecting money to send talking Bibles to Africa. Okay, not really my thing, but okay.

The next day, she came home and told me that one of her teachers had a collection jar on her desk to provide meals for children in Africa.  She said,”I hope it’s okay that I put my money in there instead of the Bible collection.  If people are hungry, they need food. I think that it’s more important that we feed them first.”

I just smiled and told her that I thought that was a good idea.


9 thoughts on “What People Need

  1. I knew right off that That’s exactly what your sweet baby girl would do… She doesn’t fall far…
    I often feel empty for the loss of our community, but thankfully the window has opened where we can still connect.😍

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  2. “I can live with stupid, but sometimes it’s hard to be nice.” I’ve found a new description of my life! Love the blog, Kelly. Seems we are soul sisters…at least as far as I’ve read to date. And since the above discusses the concept of acceptance and continual gathering of new data, I’m pretty sure we we’ll remain soul sisters. Keep sharing!

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  3. Aaah! Suddenly there’s a whole world of resources I can share with you, without worrying if you’ll feel offended. {{{hug}}} You and me both, hon.

    Sounds like your daughter is demonstrating healthy common sense. Good for her!

    Mine keeps correcting me whenever I get hung up on all the creepy modesty stuff I grew up with. And I acknowledge that she’s right, while negotiating mild concessions in order to help protect her from her grandparents’ auto-response insanity. She’s figuring out that fitting into Rome’s atmosphere is sometimes a socially useful choice, even when their customs aren’t her own.


    1. That’s not actually what I sat down to write about at all. It just sort of happened on its own, which is another theological discussion in its own right. You hinted at the topic, I believe, the other day when you mentioned “books of a different belief system”. That may have been in my mind… Sometimes we become so restrained in our conversation because we don’t understand others’ beliefs.

      I was very proud of her. We had a short talk about not being too Methodist at Baptist VBS. My kids have definitely spoken their mind in the past. Turns out she was just herself and she’s pretty good at that at such a young age.

      Socially useful – I like that – it would be so much better if we all had the smarts to adjust to customs that aren’t are own instead of trying to (loudly) convince everyone that “our” way is the only way.

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      1. I definitely phrase things differently based on how tolerant someone is of people who believe differently than they do.
        (No need to cut off all future contact with someone over their shock that I’d recommend a “certain” book or idea. Heh!)

        I’m glad to know I can speak openly with you.


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