Almost Midnight

It’s 11:35 p.m.  I must type fast or I’ll miss posting my five “get-rid-of” items for the dayIMAG1092A collection of old radio show CD’s that must have been a gift to my husband at some point.  He used to spend a lot of time driving and likes to listen to audio books.  This isn’t an audio book, we don’t remember where it came from, and it was stuffed into the bathroom cabinet behind the towels.  This is also a cabinet I cleaned out not too long ago.  Don’t know why I looked at this and thought, “hey, this belongs here and is something that we want to keep.”  Donate.

The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia is next.   I’m sure that it’s full of useful information that would be invaluable in my quest to live a healthier life, but I’m just as sure that I’m unlikely to sit down and read it anytime soon.  If I truly need to look up what the uses of “Bladder Wrack” are, I’ll just have to resort to looking it up on the computer.

Just because I know that you are now just as curious as I was, Bladder wrack is

“highly regarded as an effective medicine for obesity, hypothyroid function and edema.  It is not, however, a diuretic as its name suggests.  Wraec is an old English word for seaweed, and bladder refers to its swollen, bladderlike frond tips.  Bladder wrack has a pleasing, sweet flavor but its slippery gel is a texture most people don’t like,  It is used primarily in stock or as an ingredient in food supplements.  Bladder wrack is available by mail order.”

As you might have guessed, this information is courtesy of The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia.  If you’d like to know more, don’t ask me.  I’m donating this to my local thrift store.

The last three items are more outgrown clothes from my daughter’s now very depleted wardrobe.  We’re still sorting through things so there’s probably more that needs to go.  Out it goes as we come across it.  The laundry may be a little behind.  Please don’t judge.

It’s 11:53.  I actually had something else that I wanted to talk about today, but it will have to wait.  It was a long day and we got lots done, but now I am tired.

Tomorrow, I will share a personal observation about me, shopping, wants, needs, and in-betweens.  I know you are on the edge of your seat with anticipation, but it will have to wait.

Now it’s 11:58 – good night!


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