A new month!  A new week!  Yea for new beginnings.  The washer is washing, the dryer is drying.  The dishes are…waiting.  And, although there is no picture, stuff left the house yesterday.  A mouse pad, some worn-out undies that I wouldn’t want to be wearing in a car accident, boxes of old business documents, a Halloween decoration that never decorated this Halloween, and more than 500 emails.  I know that the emails are not technically things, but they were most definitely clutter. In working through the email I also unsubscribed to a lot.  That will help my inbox stay more relevant and hopefully help me keep up.

And there was fun around here yesterday.  This is what happens when you have a college senior home for the weekend who is tired of being in school and is trying to avoid writing one of several papers due early in the week.  She talks her little sister into this:IMAG1100 (1)IMAG1104Yep, they painted some of our chickens’ “toenails”.  If you aren’t familiar with chickens, they definitely have personalities and expressive faces.  This one’s expression is not saying, “I am feeling glamorous and enjoying this experience immensely.”IMAG1105

The best news of the day?  Our first egg.  We’ve been anxiously waiting and checking for weeks now. It’s finally here.  You have to raise chickens to understand the excitement of this moment.  It’s just one.  It’s small, but it’s a start.  This is as close to living off the land as I’m likely to get.  I love my chickens!

Now, I’m off to live another day.  Cleaning, teaching, loving, de-cluttering, art-making, smiling, struggling, hugging, washing, and dealing with each challenge as it comes along.

It’s going to be a good day.


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