Sometimes this accountability thing works out well.  I feel obligated to keep track of and post my five things decluttered every day.  Even on days when I don’t feel like it.  When I don’t want to face it.  I don’t know if anyone is actually following this project with avid interest and keeping track of whether or not I’m decluttering five things every day until Thanksgiving, but…if you are here goes:


  1. a lampshade without a lamp
  2. a really cool old metal bucket that I’ve used for a trashcan, but don’t need
  3. a broken shelf that’s been sitting on the back porch waiting for I don’t know what (to become unbroken and useful?
  4. two bedposts that could be used to make a really cool something – but haven’t in over 6 months
  5. a wire drawer storage unit thingie that has been used for clothes, art supplies, etc. and could be really useful to organize something, but I’m not going to make or seek out a use for it.  Don’t need it right now, off it goes.


  1. a barstool that I was going to repaint, but I already have enough so why?
  2. a sad looking plant that might with a lot of care and work be a decent looking plant in a year of so – compost
  3. a pair of jeans that never fit right
  4. a birdcage (nope, don’t have a bird, just like the idea of them)
  5. a jacket that I never really wore last year and have passed over in the closet several times this year
Yesterday I spent some time helping a friend with a decluttering project at her home.  She just kept saying “It’s so overwhelming”.  I know.  Boy, do I know.  I was so proud of her.  She filled the back of her pickup and the front seat with stuff to go.  Having a partner helps.
She got rid of a lot of cool stuff.  Really cool stuff.  And I didn’t bring any of it home with me.  I wanted to.  I really, really wanted to, but I didn’t.
 And when I got home, I realized how far I have come.  How much I have accomplished.  And I am really proud of myself.

3 thoughts on “Accountability

  1. Hi Kelly, I’ve been here and cheering you on! Also been doing some decluttering…hosting Thanksgiving this year for 22 people. It is overwhelming and exhausting…the constant asking…what if? will I? do I love it? Keep up the good work, girl!

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