Yesterday’s Declutter Today

Stuff I got rid of yesterday –

  1. the stand to a gumball machine that I thought I loved until I knocked it over and broke the glass part and felt relief.  Relief that it was gone and I didn’t have to clean it or find a place for it or make a decision about whether to keep or not.
  2. some computer something that my husband put in the get-rid-of pile
  3. some clothes that I was keeping to look like somebody that I’ve decided I’m not anymore
  4. a pile of wood that’s been sitting in the front yard
  5. a box of papers

And today –

  1. some more clothes
  2. an old journal
  3. a book off of the classroom shelf that has outdated information in it
  4. a throw pillow that mainly gets thrown on the floor
  5. a million (approximate count) plastic grocery bags taken to recycling.  How many do ya’ need to have on hand?

3 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Declutter Today

  1. I am like this too re; keeping millions of shopping bags. Each year I clean the drawer I kept them and each year a number of them gets dried up and disintegrate. I hate it yet I still keep them. must be a hoarder 🙂 you have done well getting rid of them 🙂


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