Letting Go

The hardest things to get rid of in my life seem to be the consequences and results of bad decisions and poor choices.  Sometimes the things I need to let go of are actual things…

  • New clothes that don’t fit right or just don’t get worn
  • Overbuying of food that goes to waste
  • On sale purchases that are made more because they were a good deal rather than an actual need
  • Impulse purchases
  • Duplicate items that were bought because the original couldn’t be found
  • Decorative items that I tire of
  • Holiday things that weren’t necessary and don’t add to the occasion
  • Things that have to be discarded because they weren’t cared for properly
  • Stocking up on things because they might be needed and then never get used
  • Extra money being spent to fix something because proper maintenance wasn’t done

The list could go on and on, but that’s just an example.  The true cost of these purchases isn’t even money (although that’s certainly a big part of it).

Along with the excess stuff comes the emotional component – the stress, the guilt, and the self-recrimination.

“What a waste! Why did I do that? Why didn’t I do that?  If I had only…!  If only I hadn’t!  What do I do now?”

It’s easier to just ignore the stuff than face the facts and deal with it all.

Just pretend the wasted food isn’t in the fridge by not opening it and looking at it…let’s go out to dinner.

Pull out clothes to wear and they don’t fit right – throw them in a corner and don’t make decisions about them.  Then the dog sleeps on them and its all dirty laundry to be dealt with and the cycle continues.

Do without something rather than replace it when it’s ruined by being left out in the rain.  Then deal with the consequences.

Why is it so hard to forgive myself (and I’m sure I’m not the only one)?  I made a mistake.  Clean it up, sort it out, toss it or whatever it takes to move on.  Let it go and try to learn from the experience.  Let go of the “thing”, the guilt, the sorrow, the anger…all of it.  Start anew.

Just let it go!

Today’s declutter:

  1. a large glass jar for making tea.  Already have two others – probably only need one!  We’ll see.  Donate
  2. books that are sitting on the shelf and maybe make me look like I’m smart and spiritual.  Probably better to actually be smart and spiritual.  Donate
  3. a luggage carrier that goes on top of the car.  Left under the house improperly stored and has dry rot. Trash
  4. an air mattress with a hole in it.  The patch didn’t work.  Why was I keeping it?  Maybe just in case someone I didn’t like was spending the night and I wanted them to wake up in the morning on the hard floor in a puddle of vinyl.  Trash
  5. two sweatshirts that are too short that would look good if I was thinner and did a million sit-ups a day.  As if…




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