Not Allergies

I’ve been feeling icky for days.  It started with feeling tired and then a come and go fever.  Congestion, sore throat, itchy cough and so on.  This morning – aches, a gunky cough and cold – oh so very cold.

I guess it’s not allergies.  It’s a cold.  I don’t know why the name matters.  I live in the allergy capital of the world.  Around here we just say it’s “just allergies” and soldier on.

And a cold?  Not earth-shattering.  Not the flu.  Not really sick enough to stop and rest.  Life must go on.

All least that’s how I grew up.  Don’t feel well?  Go to school anyway and call me if it gets worse.  I know you fell and your arm hurts.  Go to school and call me if it gets worse.  (that turned out to be a broken arm).

Not this time.  I’m going to listen to my body.  I’m going to put on pajamas and crawl onto the sofa with a down comforter.  I’m going to rest.

I’m not so important that the world will stop without my active presence.

I am important enough that I should take care of myself.

This decision should not be so hard.  There shouldn’t be guilt involved.  It’s what I’d tell my husband to do.  It’s what I’d tell my kids to do.  It’s how I would care for a friend.

I’m going to be my own friend.  I’m going to listen to myself. I’m going to actually listen to my husband and stop.

This is huge progress for me folks.  I believe that change is actually happening around here.

Decluttered today:

  1. a broken birdfeeder
  2. a weather worn and torn hammock
  3. plastic bowls
  4. a winter scarf that’s ugly and itchy
  5. a winter hat that’s itchy and ugly



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