Less and More

A second post today to list the declutter because it just didn’t seem to fit in my first topic.

Decluttering has been hard lately.

I haven’t been feeling well.

So much has gone already.

The next layer is requiring some thought.

Is it helping?

What next?

A lot of fear is involved.

Has this just become a crazy obsession?

Should I stop?

Is the fear motivated by change and what the next step might be?

Am I the frog staying in the metaphorical pot of boiling water or am I jumping out of the pan and into the fire?

Gone yesterday:

  1. a stoneware crock for holding a 5 gallon water bottle. Been under the house for years
  2. an outgrown jacket
  3. dried up acrylic paint
  4. a book
  5. 2 small plates


  1. 2 dead plants decorating the front entrance to our home
  2. a small Little Tikes gym “thing” sitting in the back of the yard from when my youngest was a toddler.  She’s 12.
  3. an extra shower curtain rod.  ??????? Don’t think I’m planning on adding another shower anytime soon.
  4. a computer box.  Just the box, no computer.  Left in the living room by my son two days ago when he was working on his computer.  I’m gonna assume he doesn’t need/want it.  It’s in the trash can if he wants it (and reads this post)
  5. 2 flower pots (not the ones the dead plants were in)

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