The New Room

wow.  I’m so tired that I can’t even “exclaim” in capital letters, but I’m excited nevertheless.  Lots has been happening around here including a renovated room last weekend while I was away working at Faire.  My family worked soooo hard on this to surprise me when I returned home!




Some family members worked harder than others.


Furniture and accessories were edited and deleted.  I love it!  Simple, colorful, easy to clean and so livable for our family.

Next up – the kitchen and dining area.   But this week has been a rest and restore break.  The extra hours of work, piles of stuff to sort and construction paraphernalia and debris is taking it’s toll on all of us.  We’re tired and worn out.

But we are also encouraged and inspired. Our plan is taking shape and becoming reality.

Now I’m off to clear out, box-up, and make room in the kitchen for phase two – coming soon!




3 thoughts on “The New Room

      1. Thank you! The lampshade is an IKEA find. Sadly, they don’t carry it anymore. For a long time it hung above the island in my kitchen and has an interesting goldenish splotch on one side – a remnant from a meal prepared with a lot of friends. I tried to clean it but was not successful. I thought about getting rid of it, but I do love it. I decided to keep it and love it despite it’s imperfections. I enjoy remembering how it was when it was new and the fun memories of the meal shared with friends that changed it. It’s kind of a testament to the life I am trying to live – the good with the bad and always trying to see the bright side!


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