In the Midst

In the midst of all our home improvement chaos, I’ve managed to fit in a bit of creativity in the studio as well.   Pushing aside piles of stuff relocated from areas that we are working on, I cleared some space and made a “shadow box” holder for bottle caps to hang in the dining room.  We entertain quite a bit and there may be a bit of indulging in beverages of the fermented type.  I use bottle caps in my art a lot and have been wanting a place to gather them so they aren’t in piles all over the kitchen (or on the floor under the bottle opener).

I’ve been looking for one ready made that didn’t cost a fortune or even one at the thrift store for months.  I’ve also looked for a shadow box frame that I could turn into one.  No luck.  So, I repurposed one of my daughter’s college art projects (box) and a frame from my stash of stuff that might be useful some day.  I used a vintage photo of bathroom doors that I found in an old photography book on the inside – an attempt at humor since the bottle caps were from beverages that would lead to a trip to the bathroom.  Okay, maybe not too funny, but I tried.  I added some vintage marquee light bulbs just because and some ribbon with a pointing finger to direct drinkers to the hole at the top for dropping in the caps.  Painted it, glued it all together, drilled a hole in the top and there you have it.

A little quirky, a lot of re-purposed stuff, and time in the studio.  It makes me happy!


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