Perfection Isn’t Necessary

Friends are awesome.  Even (let’s change that to especially) friends that live across the country and you’ve only actually met in person a handful of times, but still have in your life through the magic of the internet.

I realize that the internet isn’t magic, but it appears to be if you’re a liberal arts person with absolutely no understanding of how most things work.  It’s not just that I don’t understand how computers, television, telephones, radio or my microwave work – I don’t want to know.  I like to live in a world where a certain element of mystery and magic exist.

Words, paint, and glue, I understand.  That’s enough for me.

Anyway, back to friends.  This particular friend (who needs to move to Texas and live next door to me) commented on my post about decluttering the hard stuff.

She said, “perfection isn’t necessary for your emotions or for your storage.”

Whoa.  Let’s sit and think about that one for a minute…or forever.

Me, trying for perfection?  Oh yea.   I am a perfectionist.  Sometimes I’m aware of it and work hard to control it.  Other times I get so caught up in what I’m doing that I don’t even notice that I’m working in a impossible manner towards an impossible goal.  Perfection isn’t necessary.  Good enough is good enough.  I keep trying to cut all the way through this process of decluttering and simplification.  There is no shortcut and there is no fast way to work through this process.  It’s a process…

I’ve read blogs where the writer says, “I got rid of 90% of my belongings and now I feel so much lighter.  My life is so much better.”  Yea for them – really and seriously.

What I want to know is how they got there.  It’s not so easy.  Especially if you’re trying for perfect!

Today, I’m not trying for perfect.  I’m going to take care of my chickens and dogs and family.  Not necessarily in that order.  And I’m going to take care of myself.  I’m going to sort through the rest of the hard stuff and make the best decisions that I can.  Some stuff is going to end up stored away.  I may deal with it at a later date.  Or it may stay stored away for awhile or forever and my kids can deal with it.

What’s important is that some stuff will leave and that’s a step in the right direction.


One thought on “Perfection Isn’t Necessary

  1. {{{hug}}} Progress is progress. Better is better. You’re doing amazing things already. Give yourself the credit you deserve! I’m glad you’re realizing this. 😉

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