I wrote

I wrote a blog post on Friday.  If I recall, it was actually fairly interesting.  I’m not sure though because I don’t remember that much about it, it never posted, and has disappeared somewhere out there…

Today sucks.

That’s all I’ve got.

I’m pretty sure that I have the flu – and that we’re all coming down with it – one after another.

As a result, I’ve lost a whole weekend of wedding prep.

It sounds like the dog just stole something off the kitchen counter.

I’ve managed to have a screaming fight with almost everyone in the family.

Marriage is hard work.

Children are hard work.

And I don’t feel very good about the way I’m handling either of those right now.

Mainly I just plain don’t feel very good at all.

The car has a flat tire

The dog ate the wooden part of the new toilet paper dispenser.

My son’s car broke down on the highway.

I don’t have a plan for class tomorrow.

And lots of other shit that I can’t share here because I don’t actually share everything.

Some days suck and I still have hope.

Today I just have a headache.



One thought on “I wrote

  1. I would volunteer to stop by and help, but the last thing I need is come down with what ever is plaguing your household today! To that, I will Pray that this passes quickly with few injuries… Love will continue to surround you even in the throws of illness, frustration and broken down vehicles ❤️

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