I wrote

I wrote a blog post on Friday.  If I recall, it was actually fairly interesting.  I’m not sure though because I don’t remember that much about it, it never posted, and has disappeared somewhere out there…

Today sucks.

That’s all I’ve got.

I’m pretty sure that I have the flu – and that we’re all coming down with it – one after another.

As a result, I’ve lost a whole weekend of wedding prep.

It sounds like the dog just stole something off the kitchen counter.

I’ve managed to have a screaming fight with almost everyone in the family.

Marriage is hard work.

Children are hard work.

And I don’t feel very good about the way I’m handling either of those right now.

Mainly I just plain don’t feel very good at all.

The car has a flat tire

The dog ate the wooden part of the new toilet paper dispenser.

My son’s car broke down on the highway.

I don’t have a plan for class tomorrow.

And lots of other shit that I can’t share here because I don’t actually share everything.

Some days suck and I still have hope.

Today I just have a headache.



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Visual artist playing with collage, assemblage and whatever else I imagine. Homemaker and homeschooling Mom of four children aged 10 to 24. Ready to fully embrace life and leave regret and fear behind. Each new day is an opportunity to love, create and live with intention...

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  1. I would volunteer to stop by and help, but the last thing I need is come down with what ever is plaguing your household today! To that, I will Pray that this passes quickly with few injuries… Love will continue to surround you even in the throws of illness, frustration and broken down vehicles ❤️

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