New Normal

So much time has passed and so much has been happening in that time.

It just became easier not to write rather than try to sort out what could be shared and what couldn’t in such a public forum.

Much of it needed to be shared privately with just a few until answers were found and then it turned out that answers were not going to be found in a timely manner.

Some of it was not my news to share first and involved planning in process for someone else.

Mostly it was just all too emotionally wrought and dealing with it privately just seemed the right thing to do.

Now, we are weeks down the road and things are starting to sort themselves out…not all in a positive manner, but that’s life isn’t it?

The best way to live is to understand that life is about accommodating the “new normal”…in whatever form it presents itself.

First off, several weeks ago, I finally went to see my primary care physician about my altered vision when it became apparent that visual therapy wasn’t working.  She immediately ordered an MRI of the brain.

The MRI showed abnormal findings. Simply, and in short, the nerves in my brain show damage to the “insulation”.    It is peeling off. The damage is significantly advanced for my chronological age.  Next, we began the cycle that anyone with a significant medical problem quickly becomes familiar with…

Waiting, doctor visit, waiting, testing, waiting, results, doctor visit…..

At this point we know that I do not have Multiple Sclerosis.  That is good news.  I have something similar.  Not so good news. As the doctor pointed out, anything other than a tumor is great news.  The rest is manageable.

The doctor fit me in for an emergency appointment to rule out MS.  Now, I wait for a regular appointment in a little over two weeks to figure out anything else.  I can live with that.  Somewhat impatiently, but I can do it.  I can’t see as well as I like, but life is not significantly impaired.  It is my “new normal” and all things considered, not the worst possible scenario.

There is other news, but the needs of the day are calling.  I have an Art class to teach shortly and supplies to gather…then off to Sherwood Forest Faire to work.

My hope and prayer for anyone out there dealing with a “new normal” is that they find peace in the journey.

Life is good



Looking Back…

Friday already!

Slow down world…

Today, I am packing and prepping to head out to Sherwood Forest Faire for the weekend.  I’m working there again this season.  Sherwood is similar to a Renaissance Festival, but set in a different time period. I’ll once again be working in the kitchen of the Italian restaurant…behind the scenes, but still involved with plenty of time for wandering around and taking in the sights.  People watching is one of my favorite activities.

I’m only slightly anxious about leaving for the weekend.  I can feel it building, but I think that I’m dealing with it fairly well.  Maybe the new meds are helping?

Looking back is not always a bad thing (as long as you don’t live there).  I can remember a time not so many years ago, when going away for the weekend would have been almost impossible.  I certainly wouldn’t have been able to drive myself an hour and a half away.  In fact, there was a time when going to the grocery store was a serious challenge.

It’s good to remember those times and to realize that progress and improvement is possible.  Things can get better.  Maybe never completely resolved, but better.

Sorry for the hurried post, but I still have a long ways to go to be organized like I once was.

The dryer load is finishing up with the clothes I need for the weekend.

My art class materials still need to be gathered up.

The car needs to be emptied of things that will be needed here this weekend.

I need to double-check that I remembered everything.

And then triple-check!

I need to take a deep breath and relax.

All shall be well.

And life is good!