Scenes from a Life

This morning’s breakfast:  fresh juice made from brussel sprouts, kale, spinach, lemon, cherries, plum, banana, radishes, and grapes, and a bowl of steel cut oats with fresh raspberries.


Initially our grocery bill went up as I figured out how much to buy at one time to keep fresh vegetables and fruits available until the next trip to the store.  We live about 20 minutes from a store that offers good, fresh produce so I try to only shop when I going in “to town” anyway.  We are starting to figure it all out and juicing helps because I can juice the extra when it starts being “less fresh”.  Nothing is really wasted because of the compost pile and chickens, but I’d rather the people around here get first chance!


We’ve been trying new (to us) produce and I discovered this cute little fella on a road trip to Houston last week.  It’s a Rambutan if you’ve never happened upon one.  Sadly, it was more interesting looking than it tasted and isn’t particularly nutritious.  It tastes a bit like a not particularly sweet grape.  Still, it’s fun to try new things…

This weekend found me spending some time in the studio starting a new project, laminating art cards and finally finishing a previously started canvas.  I’ve actually been more successful in the studio the last couple of days.  I’m thinking it might mean that I’m feeling better in general.  This last year was not a good year in the art department for me.  I’ve struggled to work consistently and have thrown many a project a way.  Since making stuff is my “happy place”, I’ve missed studio time a lot.  Forcing myself to work is not fun.  Hopefully, that is changing!

It was a busy weekend.  We have started putting some serious time working on the yard despite the heat.  We’ve been working in short spurts and trying to do the majority of it in the evening when it is cooler (relatively speaking).  No pictures of that since it mainly involves lots of sweat and moving rocks from one place to another.  Not very interesting! I’ll take some pictures when the progress starts to show.  We’ve got two acres of beautiful land covered in tall grass, weeds, rocks, trash, debris and beautiful old oaks.

My work in the yard may be another indication that I’m feeling better.  I normally have little tolerance for the heat.  I still don’t like it, but I’d rather exercise and accomplish something than just walk nowhere on the treadmill.  The treadmill is in the air-conditioning though.  Hmmmm.

I hope your weekend had some accomplishments in it or at least a few moments of joy.





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