Live. Create. Tell the Story


live create tell th story

I’ve been asked how hard it is to write and share personal details of my life on this blog…

(and the tears start now)

To be sure, some of what I have written has been difficult to share. Some of what gets typed never gets published. Sometimes the mouse hovers over the publish “button” and time passes…and more time passes…and I take a deep breath…and “send” what I have written out into the world. And I worry that it sounds stupid or that I shared too much or that nobody will read it or care.

One of the things that I know to be absolute truth (and there isn’t much that fits into that category) is that, as human beings, we are called to share our stories. It’s why I once believed that I was called to the pulpit as an ordained minister. Now, I tell my stories here to a different audience.

I don’t know who needs to hear what I have to say…that I struggle daily with the uncertainty of whether I have value and purpose and am deserving of continued existence.

Writing a blog is an interesting thing.  To sit down in front of a screen and keyboard and “talk” to an audience that you can’t see.  There are no reactions, no head nods, no eye contact that allows you to gauge how receptive your audience is.

You just have to believe that your stories…

and by extension, all of our stories  – of our experiences, successes and failures, the documentation of the steps we take are what matter.

The relationships, the sharing, the moment when our being on this planet for just another day makes sense…that’s why I write…

– for myself and for someone out there who might be needing to hear what I have to say

– someone I will probably never meet

– someone who is wondering if their story matters

We are all important and we are all part of the story that is being written every moment of every day…

sometimes by what we do (or don’t do), by our words, our brush strokes, our act of kindness, our prayers, our presence.

Some of us accomplish big things that attract attention and praise…

most of us will never be noticed or acknowledged or even know that what we did today mattered…

So, let’s try this –

Tell your story today.  Share.

Let someone know that the “words” they wrote (or are writing) in your life matter.

And  (most importantly)  if someone who was a part of your story has somehow disappeared in the midst of all the busyness of life, find a way to let them know that their words are important..

That they matter.

They made need to hear it.



Tell the story.


P.S.  This is not at all what I sat down to write today.  The words just took on a life of their own and this is what happened.  Life and stories are funny that way…





5 thoughts on “Live. Create. Tell the Story

  1. My blog this week is a very personal story about sexual assault. I feel comfortable sharing it – I don’t share the names but do share my feelings. I wonder how some will take it. But I believe that someone may get something from my sharing. I think all the sharing now on this topic is helping some feel “normal”. And I agree that our stories bring us together. Intimacy = into me see. When we let others see inside, it opens a space for deeper relationships.
    Thanks for all your courage in sharing… your successes, your failures, your getting back up times. It’s good to see the humanity in another and realize… I’m OK too. 🙂


  2. Sharing your story especially through blogging has a huge impact. Both for the person writing and the audience. I have only done it for a week now, sharing about my recovery/journey with a traumatic brain injury and it has done wonders for me. I have met some cool people as well, and from their responses I believe an impact has been made on them as well. It is a beautiful thing. So yes, lets share! Good post,
    thank you!

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    1. Recovery, from anything is hard. It’s so easy (that’s not the right word, but it’s all I’ve got) to sit where you are and stare back at what was. Or to grieve and be fearful of what will or won’t be. I hope your journey forward is full of growth and possibility and moments of joy that make it all worthwhile. Thank you!

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