I didn’t write about food yesterday.

As you may have noticed, I didn’t write at all.   You probably didn’t actually notice because you have a life and are not sitting anxiously by your electronic device waiting for my newest missive.

I don’t feel like writing about food today and sharing with you that although I didn’t find the hidden Rice Krispies treats, a bag of vegan oatmeal cookies did find their way into my shopping cart while picking up Thanksgiving menu items yesterday.

And I ate them.

Not all of them.

Maybe half of them.

At least they were vegan so I just blew it by eating too much sugar (which I have now figured out definitely affects my mood…and not in a good way). I am grateful to have food.

Anyway, I didn’t write because it is the week of Black Friday and the folks in this family who work for actual money work in retail. I am grateful that they are employed. They are all working crazy and overlapping schedules while trying to share one car.  I am grateful for that car. It is a logistical nightmare.  We hold planning sessions  every day to figure out how to make it work.  I am grateful that we are making it work.

I can’t drive in the dark because of my eyes so all I can do is pack lunches and wash work clothes.  I am really frustrated!  I am grateful to have eyes that work well enough and food to pack in lunches and clothes to wash.

No one is getting enough sleep. I am grateful for the sleep we are getting and a warm bed and shelter.

At least we have a holiday this week so everyone can rest.

Oh wait, no we don’t.  Some have to work on Thursday afternoon.  Black Friday isn’t just for Friday anymore. I am grateful for the time we will have and friends to share a meal with.

I hate Black Friday.

I hate that we have traded a day of thanksgiving for a day of rushing to acquire more.

How much crap do we need?

Enough I say.

I am grateful for what I have and I have enough.

I won’t be shopping on Black Friday and probably not on Saturday either.

I will be at home eating my leftovers and counting my blessings.

I have enough.




2 thoughts on “Enough

  1. All I can do is pack lunches and wash work clothes? Really? You are our Napoleon. He was one of the greatest army generals to ever live, and who was also credited with saying an army runs on its stomach! You make sure we are all clothed, fed, where we need to be at our appointed times and most importantly that we are loved. Napoleon also said soldiers win battles, generals get credit for them. Well, you get credit for all of our wins.

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  2. I don’t normally comment when Mom posted things, I read the post and then normally tell her in person what I think( a perk of living with the author). However, this post I feel the need to say post something. As she said this week is a little crazy for us, to many people going different places at different times. Being able to come home to a tidy house and food for dinner is awesome. I am grateful that I will wake up to clean clothes for work that I didn’t have to worry about washing. I am grateful that there will be a lunch pack in the fridge that I didn’t pack…this is also good because most of the time I’m to tired in the morning to pack a lunch, so I just go without one or eat PB & J that my job provides. I am grateful that I have a job even if it’s crazy but it’s nice sometimes to have someone who worry about the daily things for me. So most of all I am grateful for my mom.

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