Four pages done.  Fifty-three more to go!

Productivity is losing momentum around here as a respiratory virus trudges through our family.

Not seriously ill, but not feeling 100% either.

Yesterday, I sorted through paper in the studio:  going through magazines I’d saved for potential journal pages and possible class use.  I pulled out anything that struck my fancy and gathered the rest up for recycling.  A big bag full.  I also sorted through papers that I had saved and decided that I didn’t need after all. It was hard parting with them for some insane reason. I kept thinking that I might need them for something.

The fear of not having what I need to create is a challenge that I’m dealing with right now.  Actually creating is what’s important…more important than the potential of creating.  Having the space available and access to what is needed is important.

Thinking about doing or actually doing?

It’s not complicated when you actually see it in black and white.

But nothing with emotions is every really simple.

I just read a great post about this very thing.  She talks about her clothing issues, but the train of thought applies to anything that we are trying to declutter and the emotional aspect of it.  Here’s the link:

The whole decluttering process is about so much more than the stuff.  There are all kinds of motivational catch phrases that apply, but I’m liking this one right now…

When we really delve into the reasons for why we can’t let something go, there are only two: an attachment to the past or a fear for the future. – Marie Kondo

I believe the past should be learned from and visited for the good memories.  I don’t want to live there.

The future should be planned for and anticipated, but not feared.

The present is for living and doing.

I’m trying to make choices today that make it all possible.







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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this quote. It really hit home, as I struggle to declutter so many areas of my life, especially the emotions of the past. I don’t want to live there anymore. Trying to stay in the present. My art helps with that. Going to read the article next.Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing more of your art journal and process.

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    1. Hi Jane! Thank you for stopping by. The struggle is real and there is no quick fix as I’ve discovered over the years. Sometimes I wonder if I’m making any progress, but I mostly think it’s enough that I’m still trying. Good luck in your efforts and I hope you’ll come back and we can share the journey together…


  2. I clicked the link and read, Yes and Yes, I do all of it with my possessions. That lady only has 6 pairs of shoes?!?! That is commitment! Jokes aside it really is about ‘something’. And what that is is what we have to face. My hubby comes from a hoarding family. He swears he’s not a hoarder, I say anyone with a two car garage that can’t get even one car in, is a hoarder. I’m doing much better decluttering my stuff. But, I don’t know what to do about him. I think I’ll have him read this blog!

    You have the right attitude, Kelly. The future, not to be feared or anticipated.

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