10 things about me

Here are ten things you may or may not know about me…

  1. I am 59 years old and will be turning 60 later this month. I am a work in process and haven’t figured out much about how life works. I have gotten better about faking it though. I’m starting to worry that everybody is faking it and we should all be more honest about it.
  2. I have been married for 37 years (yesterday) to a very patient and understanding guy. Most days we are pretty happy. Some days, not so much. Overall, I consider getting married one of my best grown-up decisions. Our secret to a long marriage was deciding early on that that whoever left, took the kids. It’s kept us together so far.
  3. I have 4 kiddos ranging in age from 30 to 17 and one grandson who it 2 years old. He is going to become a big brother in a couple of months so I’ll soon be a “Nana” to two little boys.
  4. I am a mixed media artist who spent years becoming comfortable with saying “I am an artist” and am now trying to figure out what that means I am supposed to do. I’m working on just making stuff because it’s who I am and letting go of expectations.
  5. I raise earthworms. They live in a bin under my desk. Their favorite food is watermelon, but I’m just guessing because they are pretty quiet and don’t talk to me at all. They seem happy when I give them watermelon though. I don’t really know what an unhappy earthworm looks like so I’m really just making a lot of this up as I go.
  6. I studied Creative Writing and Fine Art at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. I have two Bachelor’s degrees and am 3 hours short of a third in history. I would have happily stayed in college forever. I was a natural student and can fake my way through almost any test or paper…except for math. I’m an idiot when it comes to math.
  7. I moved a lot when I was growing up. I’ve lived in Ohio, Alaska, Florida, Louisiana and every major city in Texas…also quite a few minor ones. I have no idea why we moved so much. My parents’ never chose to share that bit of wisdom with me. I’m sure I’ll forgive them some day. They had their own growing up to do and mistakes to make.
  8. As as result of moving so much as a kid, I’m not the most social creature on the planet. I can fake being an extrovert and have no trouble speaking in front of a group of people…familiar or strangers. One on one, I struggle and often have to “hibernate” to recover after a social event.
  9. I was working towards a calling as an ordained minister at one point in my life and have not been active in a church since that didn’t work out. I have some trouble with calling myself a “Christian” and prefer to consider myself a follower of Jesus. I’m quite spiritual, but don’t talk about it too much and am leery of organized religion.
  10. I have a lot of opinions…some of the quite strong, but overall consider myself to be pretty middle-of-the-road with slight deviations to the right and left depending on the topic. I try to think things through and examine both sides of an issue before making a decision and at this point in my life understand that very few things are clearly black and white…you have to wade through a lot of gray to figure out the truth. It is rare that I will ever embrace confrontation to make a point, but when it does happen it will involve a situation that affects me or my family personally.

I’m going to throw in one more – why I write this blog…

Honest answer; I’m not always sure.

I enjoy the process of stringing words together in an understandable and cohesive manner. It’s like a puzzle to find the right thoughts and words and assemble them to communicate with someone else. I enjoy it.

And sometimes, ideas write themselves in my head and I feel the need to type them out and share them. Every once in a while, someone responds back in a positive way and am glad that I took the time to share. More often, nobody seems to notice, but that’s okay. We don’t always get to know what we’ve accomplished or whether our life has deep meaning. Answering a spiritual calling or sharing what we are good at is the purpose of why we are here.

Affirmation is nice but never promised.

Nobody ever claimed we would get all the answers.

We find our own happiness within ourselves…and by sharing what we have with others.

Blessings on your day!


2 thoughts on “10 things about me

  1. Well, Kelly, I don’t know if you were on hiatus or if my email suddenly is just now receiving your blog posts again but it’s great to read this. I was thinking (don’t take this wrong) but this would be a GREAT OBIT! I mean, it’s YOU. In a Top 10 List! 😀 Good to learn and remember these things – seems it’s been years since I read your blog regular.

    Here’s my thought on the writing – as I do it every week on a regular and pretty much it’s all I do… most days… AND Luckily I have a hubby who brings me tea and food! And we too get along most of the time. [And I do love the “one who leaves takes the kids”!!!]

    Anyway, I think the reason we write is to be creative. Some believe words are spells… or curses, as the case may be. As such, I work to maintain a positive spin – using the word WOULD instead of WILL for things I don’t want to manifest but fear, for example.

    I don’t know how powerful we are but we are created in the image of God, eh? So maybe pretty powerful? Though I am wishing we humans were more about CREATION than Destruction of late.

    Look at the world today and the cancer that is humanity has decimated the earth and some seem to now be bent on destruction of each other as the planet struggles to maintain herself. FFS, we have a line of fire along the west coast of our country from Canada to Mexico. WHERE ARE THESE REFUGEES GOING? [Sorry, it’s a bit overwhelming of late…]

    I see your struggle through your word expressions – you have shared SO MUCH over the years as you are processing. And I believe it helps the rest of us who read your words… and find… strength, commiseration, hope, love, happiness, struggle, frustration, vulnerability, enlightenment, blessing.

    Keep moving. Forward. But not too fast…

    Love you. Blessed be.


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    1. Okay, just to let you know…I have printed this out and permanently affixed it into my journal with glue, washi tape and some staples. I’m also crying a bit. A lot. Thank you for your words. I have been feeling lost and lonely. I have been on a hiatus (I love that word) fueled by fear and depression, but suddenly and randomly started up again. The world is still an awesome place full of struggling humans. Look for the good and be reassured that we will get through this and be better on the other side. Hang in there and keep writing. Your words are powerful and full of love…Kelly

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