Changing Spaces

It is a season of change at our home

Middle daughter and her family moved into their newly purchased new home over the weekend.

Oldest daughter spent the weekend organizing her new hideaway now that we are no longer using it for storage.

And we are beginning repairs and renovations on the main house…our master bedroom to be specific.

Last night we moved everything out and into the family room recently vacated by middle daughter’s office and stuff.

I had a bit of a meltdown at moving everything and lamenting that all I seem to do is move, rearrange and deal with “things” no matter how hard I’ve tried to declutter and simplify. During the renovation process, I’ll continue to ponder and work on what we have and what we need and what to do about it all…

We’ve live in this manufactured home for over 15 years while raising a family and a lot of life has happened here. It shows. New sub-floor, flooring, wall repair, paint, trim are all in the plan (plus whatever new shows up during the process).

Out with the old.

In with the new.

Here’s to sawdust and paint drips and all things new.


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