daily art journal page 2/17/2021

It is 27 degrees outside as I write this morning.

Sixty-five degrees inside. I’m getting ready to lower the thermostat. We had it at 62 as we slept, but raised it for just a bit to get the temperature up a little in case we lose power. We are trying to minimize our electric usage just in case it really does help the grid.

It’s a veritable heat wave. Right now the forecast calls for it to get up to 31 at 2. I might drop down to 2 layers of clothing inside if this warming trend continues.

Last night’s winter storm brought more ice. My son tried to make it into work. In an hour he covered the distance that would normally take 10ish minutes. He turned back and came home when he slid into the guardrail on the first bridge over the San Gabriel River.

It just started snowing.

Winter storm #3 comes through tonight. The forecast is for a “wintry mix”. I’ve given up trying to anticipate what’s next.

My husband has to go into work tonight. He’s supposed to be there at 8. The current plan is for him to go in during the “warm spell” at 3. There will probably still be ice, but the roads will be in better shape. He’s taking a “go” bag just in case he can’t come home.

None of this is a complaint. We have been so blessed. Our power has only been out briefly. We have stayed warmish. We have plenty of food.

I do wish that I owned a pair of gloves and a real winter coat and shoes that weren’t geared towards keeping my feet from sweating. I’m doing ok.

Socks works pretty well as gloves in the short term.

I’ve rigged a foot warming “heater” from some candles and a flower pot.

I’m using icicles for my iced tea. (I know – iced tea? I must be a true Southerner)

I am praying for the thousands of people that still don’t have electricity days into this disaster. For those who are alone and isolated with no phone or internet service. For those without water. For those running out of food. For the lineman and all others who are working outside to keep things running. For stores and their employees who are trying to keep the doors open and the shelves stocked as best they can. For frustrated people who just want to have basic necessities that we take for granted until something like this happens…

I’m thankful for the local fireman my son saw hand-shoveling snow off of our bridges to try and make the roads passable. (I’ve heard that there is no more salt/sand in our county to treat roads) For facebook which is allowing us to share information and resources. For neighbors checking in and opening their doors to share what they have. And so much more…

I’m wondering what changes I will personally make to be better prepared for the unexpected….and how much more “unexpected” shit is going to happen. I

A young friend recently said that she is tired of living in “historical” events. She has relocated to her third household to be able to have electricity. She’s spent the last three nights sleeping with her tortoise to keep him warm.

I think that we are all growing weary and I hope that we can become better at working together to solve our problems instead of spending so much energy pointing fingers and placing blame.

Our power is flickering…



One thought on “27

  1. After decades of warning, many are awakening to the damages humans have done to their home ship hurtling through the galaxy. I urge all to think outside the box and prepare for no electricity, no clean water, no food. The lessons are coming fast and furious now.


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