I am thinking of the past week (and the coming week) as an adventure.

It seems a better way to think.

Not a disaster to be survived.

An adventure to be lived.

I’ll admit that we didn’t have it so bad. We had power and heat most of the time. Without that I’m sure I would have a different take on things.

We haven’t turned our water back on yet because our septic is not working at all. We have tried every trick we know of to clear the line. We’ve now concluded that it can only be a blockage caused by the freeze.

We’ll get through this. The lines are in the warming sun. The snow and ice are melting quickly. I’m collecting water as it falls off the roof just in case.

I’ve learned a lot of things. Today I learned not to stand under an oak during the thawing process. Those ice chunks hurt worse than an acorn tossed by an angry squirrel.

And in all my decluttering, the only thing that I got rid of that I wish I had kept just “in case” is a funnel. A funnel to be used for pouring boiled and cooled water from a pot on the stove into a container.

I’m glad I kept the extra towels I had been thinking I didn’t need. They came in handy for covering windows, blocking drafts and drying the floor when we came in with wet boots and clothing…and when we spilled water trying to pour it without a funnel.

The minor “prepping” that I did – mainly a stash of food – came in handy when not going to the store regularly. We had thought about not needing to stock the pantry so well since my daughter works in a store that sells food and we could easily get what we need on a daily basis.

There was the minor inconvenience of only having two solid winter outfits. I had minimalized my wardrobe because I have a washer/dryer and we don’t really have serious cold weather here. I have been wearing both outfits at the same time since this started over a week ago. Thankful for Febreeze.

Even though I had to haul out water to the chickens every two hours while the sun was up, I am grateful for our chickens. They were faithful layers until yesterday when they went on strike. They are loudly expressing their displeasure with the whole situation and I’m afraid they would attempt to fly south if I let them loose to roam. The coyotes are also unhappy about this whole situation and are searching out an unfrozen meal. The chickens are staying cooped up.

Please stay in prayer or positive thoughts or whatever it is you do for the people in Texas. Although we are thawing, this is not over. Pipes are bursting, there is a very real shortage of food and water, hourly wage folks haven’t been able to work and there are huge expenses looming in the coming weeks. Infrastructure, buildings, homes and more are damaged. The hard part is just starting.

I am encouraged by all the good news that I am hearing. Neighbors and strangers are helping each other. There are good stories being lived and told and most of them are not to be found in the news.


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