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Four More

With great effort, I am posting some of these pages without offering apologies for the shortcomings that I so clearly see. I just keep muttering to myself, “Process, not product…” Sigh Sometimes it’s just too hard being me.

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The Sky is Not Falling

Two days fraught with anxiety brought on by my own lack of mindfulness. No journal pages and no progress on the house.  Loss of sleep and busywork that has little to show for it. Nobody to blame but myself, but mistakes happen and it’s okay when they do.  I just need to learn (or relearn)…

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Anxiety Doodle

Yesterday’s journal page – an anxiety doodle done throughout a very stressful day.  As everything worked out well by the end of the day, I cut up the “anxiety” and glued it to a page. The day started out rough. First off, I noticed all the little things that were undone around the house and…

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  Four pages done.  Fifty-three more to go! Productivity is losing momentum around here as a respiratory virus trudges through our family. Not seriously ill, but not feeling 100% either. Yesterday, I sorted through paper in the studio:  going through magazines I’d saved for potential journal pages and possible class use.  I pulled out anything…

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Cold Water on a Hot Day

Today I am thankful for cold water on a hot day or in other words… Our water heater isn’t working. It’s been going out for a while. It is officially gone. It’s not so bad, really. Our electric bill is lower. I am boiling water for dishes which I am actually enjoying… it somehow makes…

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And…another plan

Two blog posts in a row! And…a new plan of action. I’ve talked before about how I bounce back and forth between liking a bit of homey clutter and thinking I should just ditch all the stuff and become a minimalist (or a quasi-minimalist because I’m pretty sure I can’t go all in on that…

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