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Four More

With great effort, I am posting some of these pages without offering apologies for the shortcomings that I so clearly see. I just keep muttering to myself, “Process, not product…” Sigh Sometimes it’s just too hard being me.

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The Broken Bowls

  I bought a set of bowls… They weren’t expensive and I didn’t really need them, but they were pretty – painted in bright colors and I felt happy when I looked at them. So, I bought them and brought them home with me. I used them that first night. The dog smashed the biggest…

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I Don’t Know

I had another post in mind to write today and it was even a little bit funny. And then a bit of real life entered my little world and this post is in response to that reality. I don’t know. I don’t know why bad things happen to good people. I don’t know why some…

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All Shall Be Well

All in all, this has been a successful week.  It’s necessary to look back on it as a whole though.  Picking it apart makes it possible to focus on what didn’t work…and more things worked out than not. I have followed through with my plan to eat a more healthy diet overall this week.  Lots…

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Where the hell am I?

Well, literally I am here, at home – most specifically seated at my computer desk typing this note. But in every other sense of the word, I feel very lost.  This may possibly be one of those brutally honest posts – the kind where I throw punctuation and grammar to the wind and just write. …

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