Three things that I wanted to get done today other than “living in the needs of the day” (a.k.a. doing the stuff that needs to be done in order to live a relatively harmonious and chaos-free life).


something/anything done on this canvas
work on this canvas a bit


Put a coat of Kilz on the carpet-free living room floor
Put a coat of Kilz on the carpet-free living room floor


Catch up on the laundry
Catch up on the laundry

Sigh.  Two out of three ain’t bad. The laundry will still be there tomorrow. Alas.


I had some free labor available today, so we switched rooms.  Now, we’re working in the living room!

And…the carpet and pad is all pulled up!  One word to describe it:


I will never, ever, ever live in a place with carpet again.  With or without pets.  But, especially with pets.  Going to do you a favor and not post a before or after picture.  The dust may have been the worst of it.  I repeat:


I am so happy it is gone – or almost gone.  Out of the house at least.


Home (Life) improvement massively underway.  Who knew having a plan (and actually working on it) could result in such progress!

Life is good.