Tired and not feeling well today.  I’ve plodded through the have-to’s including school planning and basic chores.  It’s hard to rest when so many things remain undone.  Unfortunately, even this blog feels like an obligation today, but a deal is a deal.

Why is it so hard to show ourselves a bit of grace.  When our kids are little and cranky, we don’t hesitate to put them down for a nap.  If a family member is feeling sick, I’m all about shooing them to bed for some down-time.  However, when its me, I tend to want to push through and keep going.  I don’t know why.  It’s not that the earth would quit spinning if I stopped for a bit.  It might be that I’m elevating my own importance – I don’t want to find out that the family would be just fine without me for a short time.

What if it’s because it’s easier to be nice to the people I love than it is to be nice to myself.  Something to think about…right after I take a nap.


Today is Thursday.

Which comes first…a good mood or a great day?  Am I in a good mood because I’ve had a great day or did I have a great day because I’m in a good mood?  One of those things that just makes you go hmmmmm.

It was my hubby’s day off and I didn’t have any “out of the house” plans so he took me to my favorite thrift store and we shared lunch together.  Two of the kiddos were with us. His work schedule varies a great deal:  sometimes nights, sometimes evenings, days on the weekend.  Last week, between our two conflicting schedules we barely saw each other.  It was nice to spend time together.

I quit going to the thrift store for quite a while because it was so easy to buy too much.  Learning to differentiate between need and want has been a long process for me.  That’s probably a complete blog post on its own.  Mental sticky note.

I’ve found, though, that shopping at thrift stores is invaluable in supplementing our tight budget.  I often find good quality children’s clothing that is normally out of my price range and I love to fix up the house with unique and vintage stuff.  Today was mostly clothes for my youngest and stocking up on books for her.  She reads voraciously and is rapidly reading through our small town library!

I got some more cards done for the ATC swap:  28 done so far!

photo 1 (1)

Planning is done for my next big art project.  Time to start cutting, laying out and stitching.  This piece will go on display at a church a pastor friend serves at.  I’m attempting to depict the work of the church and it’s members in the community.  It’s loosely based on a dandelion design, but I’ve been sort of obsessed with balloons lately so there is a bit of that in there as well.  I want to incorporate the movement of both to showcase the dynamic nature of the church’s outreach and the changing nature of the neighborhood.  It’s always been hard for me to put my thoughts into words with regards to my art.  But, in light of my journey, I no longer want to shy away from what’s difficult and challenging.  Be brave!

photo 2

On the home front, I’ve finished the bathrooms, master closets and master bedroom.  Surprisingly, I’ve found very little to declutter in any of those spaces.  I guess I have been making more progress than I realized.    I made it to Thursday, more or less on schedule!  Here’s the plan for tomorrow:

  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Guest room
  • Classroom

Until tomorrow…