My day?

Did I hear someone ask how my day was?  Well, let me tell you about my day.

Today I discovered a whole lotta ways not to create a successful art rendering of the image I’ve been carrying around in my head all weekend.  I’d mentally worked through all the details; colors, materials, size, etc……I had the time to work on it.  It just didn’t work out.  Not even close.  That’s okay.  Some days are like that.  I put the stuff aside thinking that I’d make a fresh attempt tomorrow.

On to the next project.  I now know three ways not to teach my daughter multiplication.  That’s okay.  Nobody yelled or cried.  Tomorrow is another day.

Then I decided to design and type up some labels and tags I needed for a project I’m working on.   Forty-five minutes or so later, I hit print and head to the laundry room.

Let’s tackle the laundry.  I carry a load out of the dryer to the guest room bed where laundry waits until I get a chance to fold it.  As I start to drop the freshly dried clothes, I notice that the muddy dog is sleeping in the middle of the clean clothes.  No problem.  We have enough clothes clean.  The laundry can wait for tomorrow.

I go check the printer.  Ten completely blank pages have printed.  Out of printer ink.  No problem.  I’ll go get an ink cartridge tomorrow and print then.

The phone rings.  I’ve forgotten that today is choir day and that my daughter should be at her friend’s house so they can leave and not be late.  Out the door on the run and I realize that I have no car.  My husband has the car. Somewhere else, as in – it’s not in the driveway. Carpool mom drives over and picks up my daughter.  They are going to be late. She really doesn’t like to be late.

Speaking of late.  Just as my husband pulls into the driveway (5 minutes after my daughter leaves for choir) I remember that my son gets off work in 20 minutes.  It takes 40 minutes to get there.  I jump in the car and head off to get him.  He works an extra 45 minutes.  I sit in the car and wait.

I forgot to thaw anything for dinner.

I feed my husband and kids something for dinner.  I’m not going to share what it was because I’m not proud of it, but they were happy and that’s what counts…right?

Husband is off to work and kids are settled and content.  They are basically hiding out in their room because I’m getting a little tense at this point.

Still keeping it somewhat together, I sit down to watch a movie on Netflix.  There are a tremendous number of really bad movies on Netflix.  I know this because I attempted to watch quite a few of them.

I decide to give it up for the day and just go to bed.  Except that I pulled off the only set of sheets I have for my bed and washed them this morning.  They were in the pile the dog slept on.  I guess I’ll do the laundry now.

All in all, not that bad a day.

Thank goodness for tomorrow ’cause I’ve got things to do.


Bits of this and that.

A bunch of miscellaneous stuff today:

The art card project has grown and is taking flight.  Once I started making the cards, the dream took shape and took on a life of its own.  I am finishing up 100 cards this week in what is now a numbered series – A100-A200.  I realized that I wanted to make this a dedicated and ongoing project.  I didn’t want it to take over this blog because I like the direction this one is going in.  So….there’s a new site…  And to think that a short time ago, I was terrified of writing on this one.  All the art card information will now be posted over there, so if you are interested that’s where you need to go…see ya’ there.

Busy week here in the household.  My youngest daughter’s birthday is the 10th.  Our anniversary is the 11th…we had it first…31 years!  You wouldn’t believe the number of people who said it wouldn’t last.  There have been some rough times, but I feel confident in saying that we will make it to Thursday. My second daughter’s birthday is the 14th and mine is the beginning of next week.

We start my son’s only formal classes on Thursday (I call them “formal” because I’m not teaching and therefore, don’t get to be flexible about assignments and deadlines!)

We are down to one car and that could prove to be interesting since we live miles past nowhere.

I think the theme for the rest of the month is going to be “balance”.  It’s so hard for me to give the proper attention to each aspect of my life.  I get excited about the art part of my life and the household part gets neglected.  I work on the house and I feel neglected.  I love my family and want to take care of them, but then the concrete (practical) stuff doesn’t get done.  Sometimes I feel like I just overthink things and complicate my own life.  I’m my own worst enemy in that way!

But now, I must be off to….do something else.  I think I need a plan.  It would be easier to stay here and chat, but I mustn’t.  Okay, honestly I use that word all the time – mustn’t, but when I typed it, it just looked weird so I went and looked it up to make sure it was a real word.  It is!

Blessings on your day.



“Raising children is a creative endeavor, an art rather than a science.”  Bruno Bettelheim
I have no idea who Bruno Bettelheim is and no time to go look it up.  I just hope, whoever he is, that he knows what he’s talking about. 
At this rate, raising my children may be the only creative time that I have.  Only two days into “school” and I’m exhausted.  I’m not managing my time very well or there really isn’t enough of it!  School, home-keeping, outside job, journaling, art project, blogging, hubby-time, sleep…it’s not fitting into the day (hubby, those aren’t listed in order of importance).
It’s only day 2 – I need to remember that it’s always hectic at first until we find our pace and settle in.  Everything isn’t necessarily going to get done.  Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize! 
At least, I’m sort of maintaining a good attitude about it.   Ummm, if you don’t count the meltdown I had last night.  It’s all gonna be okay…and that’s a first for me. 
I’m making progress with living a more intentional life.  I’m setting fairly realistic goals, being flexible, and not throwing my hands up in the air and screaming.  Just a quiet “Aargh”. 

Conundrums and Quandaries?

thCA73529CA few questions as I ponder the possibility about maybe eventually getting ready for the new “school” year. 

  • How do we enjoy the rest of the carefree days of summer if we’re setting up and planning for school?
  • How will we start school if I don’t organize and make a plan?
  • Do you need to schedule a time to start learning?  Shouldn’t it be happening all the time?  “Wait, don’t learn that now…it’s not the right time!”
  • If I do schedule a start time, how do I know when we’re finished?  Can you really finish? “Okay, I’m done.  I’ve learned everything there is to know?”  Who would grade that test?
  • How do you adequately prepare a child for a world that hasn’t happened yet?
  • Who decided that all children should be reading by the age of 6 (or earlier)?
  • Who decided that worksheets are the best way to learn?  Wouldn’t actually using a map be a better way?
  • Why are you supposed to sit down to learn?  Can’t you learn while you are hopping on one foot?
  • Can you learn to cook just by reading a book?
  • What can you learn to do just by reading a book?
  • Do you really need $60 worth of school supplies to learn something?  Free education?
  • Why was the high school graduate who waited on me at Sonic today unable to make change?
  • Why does everyone have to go to college?
  • Why do we gage someone’s success by how much money they make and if they went to college?
  • When in life does someone give you the answers before they ask the question?
  • Why can’t we just accept the fact that not everyone needs to learn calculus or trigonometry? I’m not saying that it’s not important, but I’ve never personally needed it.  Somebody definitely should learn it. (Not sure that everyone needs to read Moby Dick either)
  • Isn’t it possible that everyone doesn’t need to learn everything?  What if we recognized that people had unique talents and abilities?  (Check out a story called The Animal School by George H. Reavis for more on this topic.)

Just a few thoughts from this homeschooling mom as September looms.  Back to school supplies on store shelves tell me I’m already running behind.  It’ll be Christmas before I know it.