Late and Quiet

It’s late at night here at home.  The family is asleep or at least quietly in their space(s).  I’m wandering through the house shutting out lights and taking an inventory of the weekend’s activity.

By the looks of things it was a busy weekend indeed.

There is not a tidy spot in the house.

We had a big family breakfast and the dishes aren’t done.  Everyone was running around doing their own thing so the rest of our meals were “grab and go”.  Those remnants and dishes are all over the kitchen also.  On the bright side, the fridge and pantry are still clean.

I don’t do laundry on the weekend so there is a mountain in the laundry room.

It’s difficult to fit an apartment worth of stuff into one room, so my daughter’s stuff is still all over.  She’s sorting out the “need now” from the “need later”.  Half-empty and half-full boxes are waiting for those decisions to be made.  The stuff from the guest room needs a new home as she transitions the room back into hers.  She’s working two part-time jobs so progress is slow.  In short, there is stuff EVERYWHERE!

I figured out a storage solution.  We have a storage space in our classroom/studio that will work.  It was filled with all the paper documents from our small business.  It was moved here when we were still actively involved in it’s day to day operations. Sixty boxes worth.  That needs to be sorted into keep and shred/recycle. Right now, it’s stacked everywhere other stuff isn’t stacked, waiting to be dealt with.

As you can imagine, there a lots of stacks.  It might be more correct to say that there are trails through the stacks.

My house is a maze

All in all, my home is once again a mess – a total disaster.  Boxes everywhere, piled laundry, dirty dishes, stacked counters and tables, messy bathrooms, and an art project or two.

Initially, I was upset and frustrated.

Then I had an epiphany of sorts.  There is a better way of looking at it all.  A choice – an intentional choice.

Today is done – the end of a good weekend.  There is evidence of that good weekend everywhere I look. Meals shared.  Creative projects worked on.  Memories made.  Time together.  Everyone is happy and healthy.  No disasters or drama.

Just a mess – my family’s mess in our home.

Could we learn to better pick-up after ourselves?  Yes.

Should there be less stuff to deal with? Yes.

Is our life perfect?  No.

We are a work in progress.  I am a work in progress.

Tomorrow, I will get up.  Start a load of laundry.  Make breakfast.  Tidy the kitchen.  Supervise some schoolwork.  Take my son to work.  Pick up my daughter from work.  Clean a little bit.  De-clutter a little bit.

I’m going to remember to eat healthy foods and take a walk.

I’m going to hug my husband and kids and tell them that I love them.

It’s not my purpose in life to clean and maintain a perfect home.  Nor is it a priority to de-clutter and have the “right” number of possessions.

Those are just tasks towards a goal.  A comfortable home for our family to live and thrive and grow in.

There is definitely work to be done.

But, it will never be “finished”.

There will be another meal (and more dishes), a new day (and a change of clothes), more projects (yea, creativity!), and eventually someone will move out or back in.  We will re-arrange, re-prioritize, pursue new interests, change, and grow.

It is my purpose in life to love and care for my family (and myself).  I also need to make art, but that’s another blog post.

As I have been writing this, today has turned into tomorrow.  Sunday has transitioned to Monday.

Time for reflection makes way for rest…for it is a new day, a new attitude and a new opportunity to make positive changes.


Three things that I wanted to get done today other than “living in the needs of the day” (a.k.a. doing the stuff that needs to be done in order to live a relatively harmonious and chaos-free life).


something/anything done on this canvas
work on this canvas a bit


Put a coat of Kilz on the carpet-free living room floor
Put a coat of Kilz on the carpet-free living room floor


Catch up on the laundry
Catch up on the laundry

Sigh.  Two out of three ain’t bad. The laundry will still be there tomorrow. Alas.

My day?

Did I hear someone ask how my day was?  Well, let me tell you about my day.

Today I discovered a whole lotta ways not to create a successful art rendering of the image I’ve been carrying around in my head all weekend.  I’d mentally worked through all the details; colors, materials, size, etc……I had the time to work on it.  It just didn’t work out.  Not even close.  That’s okay.  Some days are like that.  I put the stuff aside thinking that I’d make a fresh attempt tomorrow.

On to the next project.  I now know three ways not to teach my daughter multiplication.  That’s okay.  Nobody yelled or cried.  Tomorrow is another day.

Then I decided to design and type up some labels and tags I needed for a project I’m working on.   Forty-five minutes or so later, I hit print and head to the laundry room.

Let’s tackle the laundry.  I carry a load out of the dryer to the guest room bed where laundry waits until I get a chance to fold it.  As I start to drop the freshly dried clothes, I notice that the muddy dog is sleeping in the middle of the clean clothes.  No problem.  We have enough clothes clean.  The laundry can wait for tomorrow.

I go check the printer.  Ten completely blank pages have printed.  Out of printer ink.  No problem.  I’ll go get an ink cartridge tomorrow and print then.

The phone rings.  I’ve forgotten that today is choir day and that my daughter should be at her friend’s house so they can leave and not be late.  Out the door on the run and I realize that I have no car.  My husband has the car. Somewhere else, as in – it’s not in the driveway. Carpool mom drives over and picks up my daughter.  They are going to be late. She really doesn’t like to be late.

Speaking of late.  Just as my husband pulls into the driveway (5 minutes after my daughter leaves for choir) I remember that my son gets off work in 20 minutes.  It takes 40 minutes to get there.  I jump in the car and head off to get him.  He works an extra 45 minutes.  I sit in the car and wait.

I forgot to thaw anything for dinner.

I feed my husband and kids something for dinner.  I’m not going to share what it was because I’m not proud of it, but they were happy and that’s what counts…right?

Husband is off to work and kids are settled and content.  They are basically hiding out in their room because I’m getting a little tense at this point.

Still keeping it somewhat together, I sit down to watch a movie on Netflix.  There are a tremendous number of really bad movies on Netflix.  I know this because I attempted to watch quite a few of them.

I decide to give it up for the day and just go to bed.  Except that I pulled off the only set of sheets I have for my bed and washed them this morning.  They were in the pile the dog slept on.  I guess I’ll do the laundry now.

All in all, not that bad a day.

Thank goodness for tomorrow ’cause I’ve got things to do.