I wonder.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 6.56.00 PMThis is a companion piece, of sorts, to yesterday’s post, Things I Learned…

Today, I’ve been wondering why…

Please don’t judge by what you read.  I will disclose that I’m not a great housekeeper.  There always seems to be something  more interesting to do, but I do strive to maintain a level of hygiene that encourages basic good health.

Not sure if there are ten, but here goes.

  1. I wonder if the guy at the grocery store is a jerk, or merely unobservant, when he commented to his wife, “Who would buy this cheap, crappy toilet paper?”, right after I put said toilet paper in my cart.
  2. I wonder  if I was being judgmental at the thrift store when I saw a guy grab a whole armful of free bread from the “help yourself” cart in front of the food bank entrance.  Oh yea, did I mention that he went out to the parking lot and climbed into a two-seater 2014 Jaguar? Maybe he really did need that bread more than any one else there.
  3. I wonder if being excited because there was a package of Naan (my son’s favorite bread) in the above referenced cart means I am making progress on living a simpler life.  It seems to be such a small thing to be excited about, but it just about made my day.
  4. I wonder how in the world did I fill the canister on my vacuum cleaner while cleaning my bedroom?  The whole canister?  I have three dogs – that must be it.  I’m positive I vacuumed in there just last week.
  5. I wonder how I used to spend so much at the grocery store.  I spend about a third of what I used to and we’re doing just fine.
  6. I wonder if I could do an art journal page a day and publicly commit to post my efforts each day (even if I didn’t like them or think they were any good).  Just wondering; not an actual commitment!
  7. I wonder what my old dog is thinking when she sits in front of a wall and barks her big ole whooping Basset bark – going on 10 whole minutes now – I’m watching the clock as I type. (see #3 from yesterday’s post)
  8. I wonder how the sink can still be full of dirty dishes when I just started the dishwasher and we weren’t even here most of the day. (see #4 from yesterday’s post)
  9. I wonder how long I can ignore the glitter spilled all over my studio desk and magically spreading, as glitter tends to do, all over the rest of the house. (see #1 from yesterday’s post & #4 above)
  10. I wonder how long I can justify sitting here trying to think up #10 before I need to get up and actually do something that needs doing.

Here’s to you having a day full of wonderment also!





I know today is Tuesday, but I’m going to write about what I did yesterday.  Therefore, the title makes sense – in my mind anyway which is a whole ‘nother story altogether. What I mean is…I often find that things make perfect sense to me, but the people I’m talking to (my family) are staring at me like I’ve suddenly learned to speak a dead language from Biblical times.

So, in preparation for the “new season” I so loftily discussed yesterday I’m going to show you what I’ve gotten done so far.

from this...
from this…
to this....
to this….
and this!
and this!







I got all the laundry caught up and got rid of what didn’t fit or was too worn out.  The cabinet above the washer and dryer is decluttered.

And…the studio stuff has been gathered, sorted through, decluttered and put in place.

Studio redesign
Studio redesign
Everything in one place!
Everything in one place!









And finally…decluttered stuff heading to the thrift store.

I small, lonely box soon to be joined by more...
I small, lonely box soon to be joined by more…









As for tomorrow – we shall see.  Although I have this great and amazing plan, the world did not get the memo.  Life happened, as it tends to do, and I got a lot done for and with other folks.  Nothing done on the house.  But, the night is young…

And tomorrow is only Tuesday!


…a new day

The perfectionist in me was inclined to give up on this blog.  A quick glance will show that my blogging career consists of one initial post and then…nothing.  It would seem that I birthed a bevy of optimists who have encouraged (badgered) me into giving this another try.

It has been a challenging and bewildering year.  We have experienced financial upheaval and have had to re-evaluate our idea of security.  For several years, I was striving to “live more simply” without a clear idea of what that meant.  This year, I have redefined my goal and am attempting to “live with more intention”.  When there isn’t enough of what you need, it is essential to only purchase, consume, and experience what is absolutely necessary.  You have to think carefully about what is needed.  Overall, this transition is not a bad thing…but certainly not easy.

I’m still not sure that I have anything to say that anyone needs or wants to hear, but I do know that community is important…….especially when all you want to do is climb into bed and pull the covers over your head!